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Spook-tacular fun show!

October 23, 2011 

starts at 11:00am

Come out and have fun, horsing around before Halloween!

  •   The purpose of this show is to HAVE FUN!    
  •   Neat and proper attire is required but show clothes are not necessary.  
  •   Classes 1-6 may be completed in hand. Write "in hand" on your entry form.  
  •  Horses shown in hand must have a properly fitting halter or bridle.  
  •  Helmets must be worn at all times while mounted.  
  •  Proof or liability insurance must be provided.  

 $5 chili lunch -home made by Susan Lorden

Classes are $5 eash or a division for $12

All classes that are walk trot can be done in hand or mounted (leadline is also included). 

Division 1: Walk (may not enter in any division requiring canter)

1a) flat, 1b)  over poles, and 1c)  obstacle  

Division 2:  Walk Trot 

2a) flat, 2b) W/T  raised  poles about 4", 2c) obstacle

Division 3: Walk Trot Canter

3a) flat, 3b) Over fences (up to 2') 3c) obstacle

Costume classes:  

Old Nags (over 16)

Gremlins (under 15)

Fun Divisions: Timing and accuracy

4) Eyeball and Spoon 

5) Gourd and Cone

6) Broomstick Race

7) Devil's Challenge (Min 18" Max 4' one jump)

8) Trick or treat Challenge (18" jump)

9) Cross Fun-try (Max 2'3" open field)

10) Ghoul's Chase (max 2'6" course)


Obstacle: This class may contain objects to go through on the ground, overhead or on either side of the course.

Games: Based on time and accuracy. Games are re-named Pony Club races.

Devil’s Challenge: One jump, when you knock it down you are out.

Trick or treat challenge:  Steady hand, scoop candy from the bucket and jump the jump, most candy wins!

Cross Fun-try: Based on cross-country. One field, 6 jumps, optimum time, accuracy and safety.

Ghoul's Chase:  Based on "Gambler's Choice", each jump is assigned a point value.  Horse and rider with the highest points wins! 


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