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I'm the girl that called you this morning, all the way from Australia. So glad that everything went smoothly, it was such a pleasure to watch such good horsepeople dealing with a new foal in such a beautiful manner. It was an honour to see this little lady into the world :)


Perth, Australia 

 I watched Beauty give birth on the MareStare cam all the way from Arizona. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful


I think Silver is supersensationalistic! I like taking care of him and I wish he was mine. 

Bug, age 8


CW's Totally Silver is Totally Awesome! In addition to superb conformation and eye-catching colour, Silver also packs that "It" factor that you expect to see in a stallion: charisma and presence that will stop you in your tracks. 

But Silver has something even more important: a terrific mind and a disposition that is second to none. Silver turned my horse-phobic eight-year-old into a horse lover in just one visit. Silver's calm and gentle nature comes from a naturally good attitude, and his carefulness with my son was simply outstanding. If you care about the character and disposition of your foals, as well as performance potential, you can't do better than Totally Silver.

~ J Gray

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